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COLOMBIA 1 ENGLAND 1 (England win on penalties, what? Seriously? Are you sure you got that right?)
Seconds away from being overtaken at the top (Anyone for Roulette? would have been a point ahead) Kolo’s 1-1 prediction comes good and Jonathan Liu is suddenly 5 points clear. It was good news too for Barbara Willingham who instantly closed the 5 point gap to Stephen Tait at the top of the Knockout League table - both had England to qualify so Stephen stays top having predicted more correct scores.

This is the kind of game that can make a huge difference with opinion very divided. 80 predicted, with 28 going for the Sweden win. Eight of those get a perfect 5 points with 12 more scoring 3 for the correct margin. 20 lose 2 points including the overall top two. Knockout Stage League leader Stephen Tait got it right though and Stephen goes 5 points clear. Overall the top two is back to the two Jonathans with Andrews closing the gap to 2 points on Liu.

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